The Expert In Transformation

Pedro DeJulian has been transforming homes for over 20 years.

Even as a child, construction has always been a part of his life. His three brothers worked in the industry and eventually inspired Pedro to discover his niche in carpentry. Over time, carpentry evolved into building, creating and ultimately starting his own business.

Since 1999 DeJulian Construction is still going strong and committed to making client dreams a daily reality.

Pedro stands by his work with pride, always with the vision of his clients at the forefront; that’s why they keep coming back, time and time again. As an experienced home remodeler, Pedro understands the concerns of many homeowners: time and dependability. The DeJulian team wants to get you in your dream home and within a reasonable amount of time.

Get in touch for a quick, free quote and get one step closer to stepping through the doors of your dream home.

Whether starting from a blank slate or redesigning an existing space, give Pedro a call at (214) 861-9160.

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